B.A.S.S. Opens

Todd Castledine

Professional bass angler since 2012


Hometown: Nacogdoches, Texas
Home Lake: Rayburn
Favorite Lake: Amistad
Angling Hero: Russell Cecil and Greg Hackney
Hobbies: Volleyball or working out 

I got in to fishing at a young age white bass fishing and cat fishing off the banks of Lake Livingston with my day. One day while it was raining, I met a gentleman who had been bass fishing and it had started to rain so he parked his boat under the marina stalls where we were crappie fishing. He told me that he had left the bass biting just now and he showed me how to rig up a Texas rig. I rigged one up grabbed some worms and walked in the rain to where he had been catching them in the marina. I caught my first 2 bass while standing in the pouring rain and I’ve never looked back. From there it was fishing everyday off the bank for bass and it wasn’t too much longer that I entered my first bass tournament where we came in 2nd and I had big bass.  I’ve been fishing tournaments ever since and I’ve never slowed down and don’t plan to any time soon.  

Todd helped the Strike King team bring the Hybrid Hunter bait to the mainstream. Read more about the history of the Hybrid Hunter.