August Zone 4

Zone 4 – August

Strike King pro Mark Rose highlights some of the best places to find bass during the hottest summertime month in Zone 4.

Rose expects for the water temperatures to be in the high 70’s and 80’s, nearing 90-degrees on some days, with most lakes at full pool and average to good clarity. “In lakes and rivers, definitely get on the deepest drop off – anything that breaks really hard. If fishing shallow, find the hardest breaks or drop offs,” advises Rose. With the water temperatures being so high, shad are hiding out as deep as possible for cooler water.

“When fishing in cover, stay in the thickest cover and punch it. The fish are going to go where there is the most oxygen and the water is the coolest,” shares Rose. Rose likes to use a Football Jig with Rage Craw trailer or a Carolina rigged Game Hawg when right on the toe of the drop to fish the deepest points. Rose advises that anglers keep their baits moving in water with a strong current or on days with low atmospheric pressure to get the attention of large bass.

Zeus Worm
KVD Zeus Worm

BAIT 1: Strike King KVD Zeus Worm

If the water is clear, Rose prefers Dark Green Pumpkin. In stained water, he switches to Dark Whiskey. For muddy water, Rose will favor June Bug.

The body of the KVD Zeus Worm is sectioned, so that anglers can easily downsize to a 7-inch worm without losing any of the life-like action of the tail. It’s developed with the advanced Perfect Plastics pouring system to create vivid, strike-enticing colors and features an unmistakable tail action that mimics swimming baitfish, driving bass wild.


Sexy Dawg
KVD Sexy Dawg Hard Knock

BAIT 2: Strike King KVD Sexy Dawg Hard Knock

Rose’s choice for clear water is Green Gizzard Shad, while he opts for Bone if the water is stained or muddy.

Rose chooses the KVD Sexy Dawg Hard Knock because it’s a premium, “walk-the-dog” topwater lure with great action.

Sexy Spoon
Sexy Spoon 5.5"

Bait 3: Strike King Sexy Spoon 5.5"

He opts for Sexy Shad in clear, stained, or low-vis conditions.

Made to emulate dying bait fish, the flutter and fall of the Sexy Spoon is incredible. Best when fished around submerged brush, muscle beds, or deep grass and vegetation.

Football Jig
1/2 oz Tour Grade Football Jig

BAIT 4: Strike King  1/2oz Football Jig with Rage Scounbug Trailer

If the water is clear or stained, he will throw Green Pumpkin Craw Football Jig and Green Pumpkin Scounbug while more muddy water calls for Black and Blue Football Jig and matching Rage Scounbug trailer. 

The ultimate jig for deep water fishing – the Tour Grade Football Jig has a football-shaped head that gives a better feel of terrain and helps the bait stand on the bottom


Game Hawg
Green Pumpkin KVD Game Hawg 5.25"

BAIT 5: Strike King KVD Game Hawg 5.25"


He opts for Green Pumpkin in clear water. If the water is stained, he will throw Moon Juice, while he will switch to Black and Blue if the water is muddy.

The Strike King KVD Perfect Plastics Game Hawg has a lithe, supple, totally natural build that allows it to slither cleanly through vegetation with no loss of action.




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