December Zone 1

Zone 1 – December

Strike King pro Greg Hackney explains why December is his favorite month to fish in Zone 1.  

“Anglers can expect clear to stained water, with water temperatures in the mid 50’s to low 60’s,” Hackney says. “December is probably my favorite month for fishing in Zone 1,” Hackney expresses. “Fish are starting the prespawn period in the southern reaches of the zone. Water temperatures are finally getting cold enough to where fish are aggressive, typically for the full daylight period of each day,” he shares. 



BAIT 1: Strike King Red Eyed Shad

If the water is clear, Hackney prefers Chrome Sexy Shad. In stained water, he switches to Gold Black Back. For muddy water, he will favor Chartreuse Baitfish.

The Red Eyed Shad has incredible action and a uniquely-shaped profile for unbeatable performance. The red 3D eyes and wide spectrum of colors make the Red Eyed Shad the perfect crankbait in a variety of fishing situations.

              Strike King Skip'N Buzz


BAIT 2: Strike King Skip'N Buzz with Toad trailer


Hackney’s choice for clear water is Black, while he opts for White if the water is stained or muddy. 

Strike King’s Skip’N Buzz is specifically built to help anglers target out-of-reach fish in places where few baits will go. The Skip'N Buzz features a 4/0 hook positioned perfectly to not hinder the baits skipping ability while maintaining maximum hook ups.

KVD Sexy Dawg Topwater
Strike King Tour Grade Spinnerbait


BAIT 3: Strike King Tour Grade Spinnerbait with Rage Swimmer trailer


He opts for Pearl Flash in clear water, and switches to White/Silver if the water is stained. Chartreuse/White is his go-to in low-vis conditions. He uses a Pearl Flash Rage Swimmer in all water conditions. 

Strike King’s Tour Grade Spinnerbait has a weight-forward head design for smooth movement through cover and a durable Gamakatsu® hook for solid hooksets every time.




BAIT 4: Strike King Hack Attack Jig with Rage Craw trailer

If the water is clear, he will throw Blue Craw, while more stained water calls for Summer Craw. He picks up a Bama Craw when fishing in muddy water. Crawdaddy is Hackney’s favorite Rage Craw trailer for all water conditions.  

Confidently cast to a big bass holding in the thickest cover with the Strike King® Hack Attack Jig, perhaps one of the deadliest heavy-cover jigs ever made. Designed to be fished through the nastiest underwater jungles, both shallow and deep, the Hack Attack Jig features an exclusive no-flex Extreme Gamakatsu® black nickel heavy wire hook for extra bite, and a 30º line tie to increase hook-up percentages.

Strike King Hack Attack Heavy Cover Swim Jig


BAIT 5: Strike King Hack Attack Heavy Cover Swim Jig with Rage Craw trailer

He opts for Green Pumpkin in clear water. If the water is stained, he will throw White, while he will switch to Blue Gill if the water is muddy. Hackney chooses a Crawdaddy Rage Craw for all types of water clarity. 

Strike King’s Hack Attack Heavy Cover Swim Jig is perfect if fish are looking for a faster presentation and is designed with a strong and durable weed guard that will help you navigate through the thickest of cover and cut through the grass to find the big ones.

Strike King Thunder Cricket


BAIT 6: Strike King Thunder Cricket with Blade Minnow trailer

Pearl is Hackney’s choice for the Blade Minnow trailer in all conditions. Olive Shad is his pick for clear water while he prefers Blue Craw in stained conditions. In muddy water, Mouse is Hackney’s first choice. 

Thunder Cricket Vibrating Jig is an ideal choice when fish are chasing baitfish around vegetation. The Blade Minnow trailer allows efficient movement through grass.