June Zone 3

Zone 3 – June

Strike King pro Andy Morgan highlights some typical bass patterns in Zone 3 and recommends some key spots for anglers to check out during June.

“June emphasizes what happens after the shad spawn in May,” says Morgan. Because of warmer weather in May, bass have usually transitioned to main lake areas during June. “These fish are typically summered up and definitely in their summer schools,” Morgan shares. While fishing in the shallows was key during May, there are some other spots that Morgan suggest anglers check out. “There are some stripers left around in the shallows, but typically only stripers. Those fish out on the main channels, the creek channels, and the main lake are pretty much what everybody is targeting, and they are in those summer schools in my zone in June,” Morgan concludes.

Pro Model 6XD Crankbait
Pro Model 6XD Crankbait

BAIT 1: Strike King Pro Model 6XD Crankbait

If the water is clear, Morgan prefers Natural Shad. In stained water, he switches to Olive Shad. For muddy water, he will favor Citrus Shad.

The uniquely shaped bill on the 6XD Crankbait allows for this bait to create a steep dive angle for faster and deeper dives than many other hardbaits. The free-floating rattle provides a sporadic sound emission to entice huge strikes.

Pro Model 10XD Crankbait
Pro Model 10XD Crankbait

BAIT 2: Strike King Pro Model 10XD Crankbait

Morgan’s choice for clear water is Natural Shad, while he opts for Olive Shad if the water is stained. Citrus Shad is Morgan’s go-to when fishing in muddy conditions.

Designed for targeting the biggest bass, the deep diving 10XD crankbait can dive up to 25-feet with ease, allowing you to target bass you could not typically reach with smaller crankbaits.


Thunder Cricket 3/4 oz
Thunder Cricket Vibrating Swimming Jig 3/4 oz

BAIT 3: Thunder Cricket Vibrating Swimming Jig

He opts for Olive Shad in clear water, and switches to White if the water is stained or muddy.

Strike King’s Thunder Cricket was designed by Greg Hackney, Kevin VanDam, and Andy Montgomery and has changed the game for vibrating jigs. Its innovative design provides maximum swimming action, flash, and thump, with a superior hookup ratio.


Tour Grade Spinnerbait
Tour Grade Spinnerbait 1/2 oz

BAIT 4: Strike King Tour Grade Spinnerbait

If the water is clear, he will throw White Silver, while more stained or low-vis water conditions call for Chartreuse White. 

With heightened effectiveness in cover, the Tour Grade Spinnerbait is designed with a light wire frame to help produce maximum vibration and comes complete with a hand-tied skirt.


KVD Sexy Dawg
KVD Sexy Dawg

BAIT 5: Strike King KVD Sexy Dawg

He opts for Natural Shad in clear water. If the water is stained or muddy, he will throw Bone.

Morgan chooses the KVD Sexy Dawg because it’s a premium, “walk-the-dog” topwater lure with great action. When bass are chasing bait near the surface, he always has one tied on.



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