November Zone 1

Zone 1 – November

Strike King pro Greg Hackney shares what type of conditions should be expected in Zone 1 during November.

Hackney expects for water conditions to be on the clearer side with moderate temperatures. “Stable stained to clear water with water temperatures in mid-to-low 60’s,” he says.

Strike King Tour Grade Spinnerbait 
Strike King Tour Grade Spinnerbait 


BAIT 1: Strike King ½ oz. Tour Grade Spinnerbait

If the water is clear, Hackney prefers Mouse. In stained water, he switches to White Silver. For muddy water, Hackney will favor Chartreuse White.

One of the first baits created by Strike King, the spinnerbait is a tried-and-true choice for bass fishermen for nearly 100 years.

Replicating the flash of a passing baitfish, Tour Grade Spinnerbait attracts the attention of predatory fish.

Strike King Tour Grade Buzzbait 


BAIT 2: Strike King Tour Grade Buzzbait with Gurgle Toad trailer


Hackney’s choice for clear water is White, while he opts for Black if the water is stained or muddy. Hackney uses the Pearl Gurgle Toad in all water conditions.

Strike King’s Tour Grade Buzzbait is made with premium components, such as a sculpted quick-planing head and an exclusive Gamakatsu® hook, making it a go-to in Hackney’s lineup.

KVD Sexy Dawg Topwater
Strike King Hack Attack Heavy Cover Swim Jig


BAIT 3: Strike King Hack Attack Heavy Cover Swim Jig with Rage Craw trailer


He opts for White in clear or stained water, and switches to Chartreuse Sexy Shad if the water is muddy. Hackney chooses the Pearl Rage Craw in all conditions.

Strike King’s Hack Attack Heavy Cover Swim Jig is perfect if fish are looking for a faster presentation and is designed with a strong and durable weed guard that will help you navigate through the thickest of cover and cut through the grass to find the big ones.





If the water is clear, he will throw Sexy Shad, while more stained water calls for Chartreuse Sexy Shad. Black Back Chartreuse is Hackney’s choice in low-vis conditions.

The KVD 1.5 is perfect for shallow water, power fishing. The squarebill design and unique “hunting” action will constantly emit erratic movement while still running true.

Strike King Rage Swimmer
KVD Perfect Plastics Caffeine Shad


BAIT 5: Strike King KVD Perfect Plastics Caffeine Shad


He opts for Pearl in clear or stained water. If the water is muddy, he will throw Siren.

Crafted with the world's best plastics, the Caffeine Shad is extremely soft and pliable, loaded with heavy salt, and strongly laced with real coffee scent. This deadly combination maximizes the Strike King Caffeine Shad's appeal, resulting in a healthy increase in positive hook-ups.