November Zone 2

Zone 2 – November

Strike King pro Todd Faircloth highlights typical patterns in Zone 2 and says he expects more catches in November than any other time of the year.

All over the country, air temperatures are falling and with water temperature averages in the 60’s in Zone 2, and fish are moving into their winter feeding pattern. “You will find water temperatures in the 60's during November in Zone 2. This is one of the best months of the year for catching numbers of fish,” Faircloth shares. He recommends a few key areas for locating bass. “Fish the flats and creek channels in the larger creek arms. Concentrate in 3- to 10-feet and fish the outside edge grass lines or any wood cover,” Faircloth advises.

KVD 1.5
Strike King Red Eyed Shad


BAIT 1: Strike King Red Eyed Shad

If the water is clear, Faircloth prefers Chrome Blue. In stained water, he switches to Chrome Black For muddy water, he will favor Gold Black Back.

Known as a “deadly lipless crankbait,” the Red Eyed Shad has incredible action, premium hooks, 3D eyes, and free-floating rattles. Rose loves this crankbait because of its ability to cover shallow flats while also being extremely efficient around rocks.


Skip'n Buzz
STRIKE KING KVD Squarebill 1.5 Crankbait


BAIT 2: Strike King KVD Squarebill 1.5 Crankbait

Faircloth’s choice for clear water is Green Gizzard Shad, while he opts for Tennessee Shad if the water is stained. Chartreuse Perch is Faircloth’s choice in low-vis conditions.

Designed to the exact specifications of KVD, the 1.5 has a unique hunting action because of its squarebill design. It deflects perfectly off of cover and is rattle-free for a silent approach.

Strike King 3XD
Strike King Sexy Dawg

BAIT 3: Strike King Sexy Dawg

He opts for Carolina Chrome in clear water, and switches to Bone if the water is stained. Faircloth chooses Black Lab in muddy water.

The walking action of the KVD Sexy Dawg drives fish insane with a simple twitch of your rod. This lure is far casting and is available in two sizes.


Thunder Cricket Vibrating Jig
Strike King KVD J300


BAIT 4: Strike King KVD J300

If the water is clear, he will throw Crystal Shad, while more stained water calls for Chartreuse Shad. He picks up Pro Citrus Shad in low-vis or muddy conditions.  

KVD J300 can dive up to 7-feet and has 3D eyes, premium black nickel hooks, and increased castability for lethal action. Anglers from coast to coast keep the J300 on the boat deck this time of year.

Tour Grade Skipping Jig
Strike King Pro Model Series 4

BAIT 5: Strike King Pro Model Series 4

He opts for Blue Gizzard in clear water. If the water is stained, he will throw Sexy Shad, while he will switch to Blue Back Chartreuse if the water is muddy.

A medium-sized body with a wider wobble and an oversized bill to deflect off cover. The Series 4 is great for medium depth, heavy cover applications and dirty water.