September Zone 3

Zone 3 – September

Strike King pro Tristan McCormick shares why September is one of his favorite months to fish and why his top lures are sure to land some big bites in Zone 3.

“With water temperatures still pretty high, fish are very active! These fish are grouped up in big schools smashing bait. It’s unbelievable to watch it happen!” says McCormick. Often times, McCormick finds that most fish will be extremely high in the water column during September, some as close as 5-feet below the surface. For situations like this, McCormick trusts the KVD Sexy Dawg Hard Knock. “Once you get some blow ups and reel some in and the school calms down, you can take a Baby Z-Too on a ball lead head and throw to them and clean up the school,” advises McCormick.

When fishing in the morning during September, McCormick finds the best bites when bank fishing, focusing on bank grass, docks, and lay downs. “Covering water with a Tungsten Thunder Cricket can generate you some big largemouth bucket heads,” shares McCormick.

McCormick also focuses on brush piles during this time of year. “Using your forward-facing sonar in today’s world is a big player. That’s when the KVD Elite 300 Jerkbait comes into play. Making these fish come out of the pile and react. It’s another awesome bite!” assures McCormick.

Ultimately, McCormick is very confident about one thing – “You can take any of these tactics and baits across Zone 3 and absolutely smash them!”


KVD Perfect Plastics Fat Baby Finesse Worm
Strike King Filler Worm


BAIT 1: Strike King Filler Worm

If the water is clear, McCormick prefers Morning Dawn. In stained water, he switches to Sexy Shad. For muddy water, he will favor Natural Shad.

The Strike King KVD Filler Worm is designed to be fished for a finesse presentation, featuring a wide head for added durability, increasing the strength of the plastic to last for multiple fish catches.


Strike King 6XD
Strike King Baby Z-Too


BAIT 2: Strike King Baby Z-Too

McCormick’s choice for clear water is Pearl, while he opts for The Deal if the water is stained. Blue Glimmer is McCormick’s first choice in muddy or low-vis conditions.

This legendary drop shot bait fishes more like a traditional soft plastic jerkbait. When Przekurat needs to slow his presentation for lethargic fish, he will turn to the Baby Z-Too.

Strike King Sexy Spoon
Sexy Dawg Hard Knock


BAIT 3: Strike King Sexy Dawg Hard Knock


He opts for Carolina Chrome Sexy Dawg Hard Knock in clear or stained water, and switches to Bone if the water is muddy.

This topwater bait is known for its premium “walk-the-dog” action. The hard knock rattle chamber emits a deep knocking sound to attract attention from hungry fish.

Strike King 2.75” Rage Swimmer
Strike King Tour Grade Tungsten Thunder Cricket


BAIT 4: Strike King Tour Grade Tungsten Thunder Cricket with Blade Minnow trailer

If the water is clear, he will throw Blue Glimmer, while more stained water calls for Green Pumpkin. Chartreuse White is a top choice for McCormick when fishing in muddy water.

Strike King’s Tour Grade Tungsten Thunder Cricket has changed the game for vibrating jigs. Its innovative design provides maximum swimming action, flash, and thump, with a superior hookup ratio.

Strike King KVD 2.5
Strike King J300 Elite


BAIT 5: Strike King J300 Elite

He opts for Pro Shizzle in clear water. If the water is stained, he will throw Pro Oyster, while he will switch to Pro Siren if the water is muddy.

Diving up to 7-feet, the KVD J300 has great castability, 3D eyes, and premium black nickel hooks for lethal action. Anglers from coast to coast keep the J300 on the boat deck this time of year.