April Zone 4

Zone 4 – April

Strike King pro Scott Suggs gives a rundown of what anglers can expect in Zone 4 during April. 

Suggs expects water temperatures to be in the 60- to 64-degree range with air temperatures from mid-60’s to high-80’s with lots of sunshine. “April is the biggest spawning month for bass in Zone 4, and you can expect to find bass either spawning or relating to spawning all month long,” Suggs says. “If they’re staging, brush piles, docks, and the mouths of spawning areas are all great starting locations,” he advises. At the end of April, you can expect to find fry guarders around docks and shallow cover as well.

Strike King Tour Grade Compact Tungsten Casting Jig


BAIT 1: Strike King Tour Grade Compact Tungsten Casting Jig with Rage Scounbug trailer

If the water is clear, Suggs prefers Green Pumpkin Craw with a Green Pumpkin Scounbug trailer. In stained water, he switches to Bama Craw with a Summer Craw Scounbug trailer. For muddy water, he will favor Black Blue with a matching Black Blue Scounbug trailer. 

Strike King’s Compact Tungsten Casting Jig is built with a premium tungsten jig head that is 40% more dense than lead for greater castability, sensitivity, and performance. Featuring a premium hand-tied skirt that emits life-like pulsating movement and a heavy wire hook for exceptional hook-setting. 

Rattlin’ Rage Craw
Strike King Rattlin’ Rage Craw

BAIT 2: Strike King Rattlin’ Rage Craw


Suggs prefers Green Pumpkin for clear water, while he opts for Blue Craw if the water is stained. Blue Bug is his go-to in muddy conditions. 

By far the undefeated champion of crawfish baits in the water, Strike King’s soft plastic Rattlin’ Rage Craw is a slender, 4” crawfish imitator, pre-rigged with a glass sound chamber imbedded in the tail to emit a powerful rattle and attract fish. This noisy little beast refuses to be ignored.

KVD Perfect Plastics Game Hawg
Strike King KVD Perfect Plastics Game Hawg

BAIT 3: Strike King KVD Perfect Plastics Game Hawg

Suggs opts for Green Pumpkin in clear water, and switches to Big Tex if the water is stained. In muddy conditions, Black Blue Swirl is his top choice. 

Looking for a creature bait that excels in heavy cover—that won't hang up on every leaf and stem it touches? The Strike King KVD Perfect Plastics Game Hawg has a lithe, supple, totally natural build that allows it to slither cleanly through vegetation with no loss of action. With 6 appendages all working together, it's the perfect jig trailer, and can also pull extra bites on a drop shot rig. 

Strike King Ocho

BAIT 4: Strike King 6" OCHO

If the water is clear, he will throw Green Pumpkin, while more stained water calls for Blue Craw. Suggs loves to use the Black Blue Swirl in muddy water. 

This 8-sided beast takes the concept of the soft jerkbait to another level. Like a faceted bead vs. a round bead, the Strike King KVD Perfect Plastics Ocho's smooth beveled sides reflect light in different directions, creating a flash effect unlike that of any other softbait. Precision molded of super soft plastic, with a slow sink rate, the versatile Ocho is ideal for jerkbaiting and wacky rigging.


KVD Sexy Frog
Strike King KVD Sexy Frog


He opts for Spotted Frog in clear water.  

He opts for Spotted Frog in clear water.  If the water is stained, he will throw the Stump Jumper, while he will switch to Black if the water is muddy. 

The KVD Sexy Frog is one of the finest, feature-packed, frog-style baits yet from Strike King. Chief among its features are a sealed nose, which minimizes water entry, and a free-floating rattle to create the noise needed to get those lunkers' attention. It has a big strong double hook and easily collapsible hollow body for better hookups.

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