February Zone 2

Zone 2 – February 

Strike King pro Keith Combs shares the best places to find bass in Zone 2 during the month of February.

Bass patterns are changing at about this time, Combs expresses. “Bass are in early spawn patterns. Expect stained water in the high 50s,” states Combs. Keep an eye out for vegetation as well, Combs advises. “Bass are looking for warm, protected areas with grass,” Combs says.

KVD 1.5
Strike King 3/8 oz Thunder Cricket Vibrating Jig


BAIT 1: Strike King 3/8 oz Thunder Cricket Vibrating Jig with Blade Minnow trailer

If the water is clear, Combs prefers the Chartreuse Blue Glimmer. In stained water, he switches to the White. For muddy water, Combs will favor a Green Pumpkin.

Thunder Cricket Vibrating Jig is an ideal choice when fish are chasing baitfish around vegetation. The Blade Minnow trailer allows efficient movement through grass.



Skip'n Buzz
STRIKE KING 3/8 oz KVD Finesse Spinnerbait


BAIT 2: Strike King 3/8 oz KVD Finesse Spinnerbait

Combs chooses Blue Gizzard for clear water, while he opts for Super Chartreuse if the water is stained. In muddy water, Combs prefers the Tennessee Shad.

One of the first baits created by Strike King, the spinnerbait is a tried-and-true choice for bass fishermen for nearly 100 years.

Replicating the flash of a passing baitfish, Tour Grade Spinnerbait attracts the attention of predatory fish.

2.5 Squarebill
Strike King Tour Grade Buzzbait

BAIT 3: Strike King Tour Grade Buzzbait

Combs consistently chooses the Black whether he is fishing in clear, stained, or muddy water.

The Tour Grade Buzzbait is made with premium components, such as a sculpted quick-planing head and an exclusive Gamakatsu® hook, making it a go-to in his lineup.


Thunder Cricket Vibrating Jig
Strike King KVD Perfect Plastics 5” Ocho


BAIT 4: Strike King KVD Perfect Plastics 5” Ocho


If the water is clear, he will throw a Baby Bass, while more stained water calls for a Green Pumpkin. In muddy water, Combs chooses a Black Blue.

The Strike King KVD Perfect Plastics Ocho has smooth, beveled sides to reflect light in different directions, creating a flash unlike any other soft bait. Ocho also has a slow sink rate and is versatile, but ideal for jerkbaiting and wacky rigging.

Tour Grade Skipping Jig
Strike King Hack Attack Flipping Jig

BAIT 5: Strike King Hack Attack Flipping Jig with Scounbug trailer

He opts for a Candy Craw Hack Attack Flipping Jig with a Green Pumpkin Scounbug in clear water. If the water is stained, he will throw the OkeeChoBee Craw Flipping Jig and matching OkeeChoBee Craw Scounbug, while he will switch to a Black Blue Flipping Jig with Pearl Flash Scounbug trailer if the water is muddy.

Designed to be fished through the nastiest underwater jungles, both shallow and deep, the Hack Attack Flipping Jig features an exclusive no-flex Extreme Gamakatsu® black nickel heavy wire hook for extra bite, and a 30-degree line tie to increase hook-up percentages.

Strike King J300 Elite
Strike King J300 Elite




Faircloth opts for the Pro Blue Flash in clear water and Pro Oyster in stained conditions. He picks up Sexy Shad in muddy water. 

Strike King’s KVD J300 Elite Jerkbait effortlessly takes performance to the next level. The proprietary weight transfer system maximizes casting distance and ultra-sharp black nickel hooks promise secure hooksets every time.