May Zone 4

Zone 4 – May

Strike King pro Greg Bohannan shares his favorite lures to utilize during May in Zone 4.

“With water temperatures between the 60’s and low 70’s, May is the time that we will have both spawning and post spawn,” shares Bohannan. Bohannan expects that most action will happen on the flats. “Wood cover or bushes on spawning flats or coves will be a major factor. There will be several fish still spawning and several fry guarders protecting the beds,” Bohannan says. As the month progresses, Bohannan predicts that other lake areas may become more prominent. “Main lake points will start becoming a major player for spotted bass and smallmouth with bottom baits and topwaters,” he says. Best lures and techniques for May? “Flipping shallow cover, topwater, spinnerbaits, and finesse fishing will all come into play,” Bohannan advises.

Tour Grade Spinnerbait
Tour Grade Spinnerbait 1/2 OZ.

BAIT 1: Strike King Tour Grade Spinnerbait with Rage Swimmer Trailer

If the water is clear, Bohannan prefers Blue Glimmer Tour Grade Spinnerbait. In stained water, he switches to Chartreuse White. For muddy water, he will favor Cole Slaw.

Naturalistic painted willow blade models allow for more flash of color on the Tour Grade Spinnerbait. The light wire frame helps produce maximum vibration, paired with a pro-designed, hand-tied skirt.

KVD Toad Buzz
KVD Toad Buzz

BAIT 2: Strike King KVD Toad Buzz Buzzbait

Bohannan’s choice for clear water is Blue Glimmer, while he opts for Black if the water is stained. Green Pumpkin Chartreuse is his first choice in muddy conditions.

The combination of a surface-splitting, wire-form buzzbait and Strike King's hard-kicking KVD Perfect Plastics Gurgle Toad come together to make up the Toad Buzz. Featuring an internal head with bait keeper barbs that grip the toad body tightly, the Toad Buzz is likely to be the best high action, topwater bass killer in your line up.

Finesse Worm
KVD Finesse Worm 5"

Bait 3: Strike King KVD Finesse Worm

He opts for Bubblegum in clear or stained water, and switches to Black if the water is muddy.

The Strike King KVD Perfect Plastics Finesse Worm is the softest, saltiest plastic ever produced, and even better, features Strike King's exclusive Coffee Scent technology. Extremely versatile, the KVD Perfect Plastics Finesse Worm is deadly on a shakey head and dances enticingly on a drop shot rig.

Rage Craw
Rage Craw 4"

BAIT 4: Strike King Rage Craw 4"

If the water is clear, he will throw Blue Craw, while more stained water calls for Bama Bug. Bohannan opts for Black Neon in muddy conditions.

Strike King’s Rage Craw features an exclusive design with two realistic pincers and a long, slender body engineered to create lots of turbulence. For best results, fish Texas-rigged, Carolina-rigged, or as a jig trailer.


BAIT 5: Strike King Ocho

He opts for Green Pumpkin in clear water. If the water is stained, he will throw Amistad Special, while he will switch to June Bug if the water is muddy.

Like a faceted bead vs. a round bead, the Strike King KVD Perfect Plastics Ocho's smooth beveled sides reflect light in different directions, creating a flash effect unlike that of any other softbait.