Tips for Fall Fishing

Don't Leave Home Without These Top 5 Fall Baits from Kevin VanDam

KVD has 5 baits he won't leave home without in the cool weather. Schooling fish, low water levels, and hungry monsters; make sure you pack those baits that'll give you a lot of action.

Top 3 Baits for Schooling Bass with Cole Floyd

Cole Floyd breaks down his top 3 baits when the bass start schooling and targeting shad in the summer and fall.

Bladed Jigs For Smallmouth with Mark Zona

Mark Zona breaks down the importance of adding the Bladed Jig to your Smallmouth game and how to fish it to attract those big bites

Fall Structure Fishing with Mark Davis

Mark Davis breaks down how to fish structure in the fall.

5 Best Fall Baits for Fishing the Southeast w/ Andy Montgomery

Andy Montgomery explains what the fall transition means for fishing the Southeast and details five essential lures you need to take full advantage of the season.

Super Shallow Cover Cranking With Kevin Van Dam

VanDam shares the best way to crank super shallow cover.

Wind Is Your Friend With KVD

VanDam breaks down how to catch fish in the wind.

Jerkbait Tackle & Technique for maximizing action with Kevin VanDam

VanDam breaks down the importance of having the proper rod and reel combo when fishing a Jerkbait.

Topwater Tactics Pt. 1: Walking Baits for Shallow to Deep Water with Andy Montgomery

Andy Montgomery reviews the KVD Sexy Dawg lineup for topwater fishing and when he uses which size based on the water depth and conditions.

Topwater Tactics Pt. 2: Rod, Reel and Line Setup for Walking Baits - Andy Montgomery

Andy Montgomery shows off his rod, reel and line selections for walking bait/topwater fishing featuring the Team Lew's Signature Series and Strike King Sexy Dawg.

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