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Kevin VanDam's Favorite Strike King Baits

Kevin VanDamEditor's Note: Thirty-four-year-old Kevin VanDam, of Kalamazoo, Michigan, was the 2001 BASS Master's Classic Champion and won B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year three times. He competed in the Classic for 12 consecutive years and had six top-10 wins.

Question: What is your favorite Strike King bait and why?

Answer: I have a lot of them. I like the Pro-Model spinner bait and the Pro-Model Premier spinner bait because it is just one of my favorite tools. That bait is very efficient and covers a lot of different water. I've caught so many bass and won hundreds of thousands of dollars on that bait. So it's pretty near and dear to me.

Question: Where do you like to fish the Pro-Model spinner bait?

Answer: I like to fish that bait in shallow-bank cover and in lay-downs, logs, bushes and things like that. I'll also fish that lure deep on ledges and brush piles. That is the great thing about it. It's a very versatile bait. You can fish that lure in all depth zones, and it catches bass all year long too.

Strike King LuresQuestion: What two other Strike King baits do you really depend on when you're in a tournament?

Answer: I use a lot of the Pro-Model crank baits. Strike King has baits that cover everything from very-shallow to very-deep water. Those baits are efficient at covering all the depth zones.

The other lure to fish is the Wild Shiner jerkbait, which is a great reactionary bait. I really rely on that bait in clear-water situations. The Wild Shiner is good any time of the year, but I prefer to fish it over the top of cover, gravel banks, tree tops or grass. That lure is mainly a clear-water lure, and it really makes the bass react.