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The Strike King Series 1XS Crankbait

Editor's Note: Shaw Grigsby of Gainesville, Florida, a member of Strike King's Pro Fishing Team, has won a gold medal in the Great Outdoor Games, has fished in nine BASS Master Classics, and has had 40 top-10 finishes. Currently Grigsby ranks fourth in all-time money winnings of professional bass fishermen.

Question: Name another favorite lure.

Grigsby: One of my favorite baits is a little Strike King Series 1XS (extra shallow). Now the Series 1XS crankbait has a Series 1 body -- a small 2-inch body with a very shallow lip. This shallow lip keeps this lure running in less than a foot of water. It allows us to keep it very weedless and from getting hung-up in trash and cover. You can work it through cover, grass, limbs and vegetation very easily.

It also has an extremely wide wobble. So instead of a tight wobble, like a shad, this thing has a very wide wobble. This bait gets wild. Fish don't always want something exactly like a minnow because they are predators. They look for something wrong, like a lion looks for the young or sickly in a herd of zebras or wildebeest is, bass seek out the sickly or injured. If bass see a school of shad, and one is a little wobblier or is doing something strange, the bass will attack that shad.

The Series 1XS crankbait doesn't dive down and get hung up in weeds, and it solicits a lot of strikes. This is one of my favorite crankbaits. You can use this crankbait when you are around vegetation. You can use this crankbait when the vegetation is not quite to the surface. You can reel it across large masses of underwater grass without it getting hung. And most of our lakes now are getting so much of this exotic vegetation in it making it a necessity to have a Series 1XS crankbait in your tackle box.