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Also in Alabama, the fourth of six stops on the Wal Mart FLW Tour concluded Sunday on Lake Eufaula. This event was won by FLW Tour Rookie Randy Haynes of Counce, TN. Although technically a rookie on the FLW Tour, Haynes is far from a rookie when it comes to winning bass tournaments.

We will get the details from Randy on his win, patterns, as well as lure choices in the very near future. Today we are going to detail David's BASS Open win and find out how he did it and why he made the decisions that led to the biggest tournament win thus far in his career.

David hails from Jasper, Alabama. He has a long history of success fishing the Bassmaster Opens. He started fishing them as a co-angler sometime around 2003 or 2004. He won the points title one year and came in 2nd another. He then stepped up to the front deck and enjoyed the same success. In 2009 he finished the Bassmaster Southern Opens third in the points. In 2010, He finished 4th. He narrowly missed his dream of making the Bassmasters Classic both times. Then about a month ago, at Douglas Lake, Kilgore finished third and once again narrowly missed a Classic berth. However, Logan Martin, the final stop of the 2013 Bassmaster Southern Open tour, offered David another opportunity to fulfill his dream of fishing the Classic.

David had spent some time on Logan Martin several years ago fishing tournaments at the club level. He admits that although those trips to Logan Martin gave him some knowledge of how the lake laid out, he hadn’t fished there in about 5 years. His knowledge of the tendencies of the fisheries in this region coupled with understanding how to adjust to the storm-induced conditions, allowed David to formulate a game plan that played to his strengths. He was able to concentrate on fishing targets, covering water and taking advantage of the shad spawn that was occurring on Logan Martin during this event.

During competition, David caught every fish that he weighed in on a single Strike King ½ ounce white Pure Poison bladed jig. He fished it with a “quick retrieve” on a Duckett Fishing Medium Heavy White Ice rod. The line of choice was Vicious 17 lb. Pro Elite fluorocarbon. He felt that bait lent itself to attracting more quality bites than spinnerbaits, swimbaits and other typical shad spawn offerings. By Friday, the second day of the event, the bait’s paint was nearly completely gone and the skirt was trashed from catching so many fish. Kilgore went to a Wal Mart store Friday and purchased a Strike King Premier Pro Model spinnerbait. He took the white skirt off of it and replaced the destroyed remnant of a skirt that was on his Pure Poison and made it last another tournament day. In the words of David, “You know you’re throwing what the fish want when you can’t see the bait in their mouth and you have to use pliers to unhook every fish."

The repair was productive as the last day of the event allowed Kilgore to employ his Pure Poison around docks, boats and sea walls en route to a margin of victory that was better than 6 pounds over his closest competitor. The prize for this feat was a package of cash and merchandise, including a fully-rigged boat, valued at over $47,000. However, it was qualifying for the 2014 Bassmaster Classic on Lake Guntersville that really got Kilgore’s blood pumping. “Winning the event was great. The money from casino the win was great. But, making the Classic was the deal,” remarked Kilgore. “I have a lot of time and experience on Guntersville and the Classic will be held at one of my favorite times of the year there. Needless to say, I’m very excited about it!” He added.

Everyone at Strike King would like to congratulate David on his win and his Classic invitation. After 3 previous narrow misses, maybe this will be the one that he's meant to fish. Until then, check back at for the latest tournament recaps and insight into the winning ways of the most prestigious team of anglers on earth.