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How Keith Combs Fished at Dardanelle

Strike King pro Keith Combs finished 5th at the recent Bassmaster Elite Series tournament on Lake Dardanelle, Ark. Here's a quick video about what baits he fished and how, plus a little more detail on the baits.

He fished squarebill crankbaits on riprap corners near bridges, and flipped undercut banks along the river. Water color didn't matter as long as there was current. More on the baits:

Strike King KVD HC Squarebill 2.5

He used chartreuse/black back (pictured), Tennessee shad and sexy shad.


A little more on these baits:

  • Designed to the specifications of Kevin VanDam.
  • It's a bigger bait, so it's a great warmer-water bait for bass looking for big meals.
  • It deflects off cover well, and "hunts" – it wanders erratically at times while still running true.
Strike King Hack Attack jig (1/2-oz, black/blue)

Keith used a black/blue chunk on the back of his jig, but here's that jig with a black/blue Rage Craw on the back.


  • The Hack Attack Jig is designed to go through the heaviest stuff in the water.
  • Great for punching mats, flipping and pitching heavy cover – you name it.
  • Has an incredibly stout hook – an exclusive Gamakatsu black nickel heavy-wire hook.