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Delaware State Record Largemouth Caught with Strike King Bait

Submitted by Full Limit Outdoor Media

State Record

What began as a normal day of fishing for 2 buddies turned into a day that nether will ever forget. On Saturday February 20th, Andrew Klein was out on Wagamons Pond near Milton, DE with his fishing mentor, Joe Lattice. The two were enjoying a beautiful day, albeit a slow fishing day. After a morning of few bites, the friends were on the verge of changing locations. That’s when Andrew made the cast that changed his life, as well as the Delaware largemouth bass record.

“To be honest, I thought I was hung up. It was just dead weight. Then suddenly, the weight began to move. After an intense two-minute battle, I landed the big bass” adds Andrew.

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The bass weighed 11.10 lbs. on certified scales. It was 27” long with a girth of 20.5”.

Upon being certified as eclipsing the current record by a pound, the behemoth was safely released back into her native waters. The previous DE record largemouth weighing 10.10 lbs. was also caught from the 41 acre Wagamons Pond back in 2012.

State Record 1

Here’s the Details:

The record bass was caught on a 3/8 Strike King Bleeding Bait Spinnerbait in the “Bleeding Shad” color. (BB38CW-328)

The lure was purchased from Master Baiter’s Bait & Tackle, an independent tackle retailer in New Castle, DE.

36-year-old Klein has only been fishing for bass for about a year and a half. He describes his fishing partner Joe Lattice as his mentor who has taught him everything he knows about bass fishing. Lattice is also the father of Andrew’s girlfriend Laura. (For extra points, Andrew asked me to mention that she is his greatest catch).

When asked about the lure he caught the brute on, Andrew replied: “I use a lot of Strike King products. They have great prices, quality and best of all action. I’ve never bought one that didn’t work as it was supposed to. More importantly, fish love them”.