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Wheeler Woes

Submitted by Full Limit Outdoor Media

Day one of the 2106 FLW Forrest Wood Cup is in the books. Today was indicative of an August day of what can easily be the stingiest of all the TN River impoundments. The weights were light and the techniques were broad.

The fishing is very diverse this time of year and what is normally a traditional TN River offshore fishery is wide open for anglers of any discipline. The word is that like much of the field, today’s leader, John Cox, is fishing shallow. There is even a rumor circulating that he doesn’t even have a transducer on his boat. If that’s true, he’s most likely not probing ledges.

The stable of Strike King pros that qualified, 7 in total, are spread throughout the field. Mark Rose is seated in a very desirable 5th place. That’s not nearly far enough from first to feel safe while on the TN River.

Cody Meyer has brought his California know-how and finished day one in 10th. With his broad skill set and given the tough fishing on Wheeler right now, I would never count Cody out.

The rest of the Strike King pros are currently sitting in this order:

  • Ray Hanselman – 24th
  • Brandon Perkins – 26th
  • Denny Brauer – 33rd
  • Brad Knight – 38th
  • Clark Wendlandt – 41st

Day two of the 2106 FLW Forrest Wood Cup is in the books. Another good day for Team Strike King. Mark Rose will be fishing the last day as he sits in 6th place. Cody Meyer finished 13th and Ray Hanselman finished 20th for the 2016 Forrest Wood Cup. If you are in the Huntsville area stop by and see us at the Strike King booth at the expo.

The 2106 FLW Forrest Wood Cup has concluded and a big congratulations to Team Strike King with another great showing!

  • Mark Rose 6th
  • Cody Meyer 13th
  • Ray Hanselman 20th
  • Brad Knight 34th
  • Brandon Perkins 35th
  • Clark Wendlandt 37th
  • Denny Brauer 38th

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