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And on Deck, the Squarebill

Submitted by Full Limit Outdoor Media

We recently ran a piece on topwater fishing, which is often what first comes to mind with fall fishing. It is without a doubt the most visually fun way to bass fish. Blow ups, explosions, and topwater strikes all keep bass anglers regularly headed to the lake in the fall.

As fall temperatures and shorter daylight periods impact the water temperature of lakes, rivers, creeks, ponds and reservoirs, the baitfish change their patterns. They tend to group up and congregate in shallow areas. That can be around the shoreline, in the backs of bays or pockets, or even on main lake flats. No matter the locale, one thing is certain; hungry bass aren’t too far away.

But what about the days when the topwater bite isn’t happening? What do you on that perfect fall morning when the steam is rising from the water, the shad are flipping everywhere, but your Sexy Dawg makes repeated trips back to the boat minus a bass?

You get out another fall bass fishing staple. The KVD squarebill……

Here are a few big hitters that you should keep on deck during the world series season.

Squarebills – KVD 1.0. KVD 1.5, KVD 2.5 and KVD 8.0

There isn’t much better than banging a squarebill off of an isolated piece of wood on a flat and watching your line head out in the opposite direction. The squarebill is made for this type of scenario and it’s one that you’ll often encounter in the fall. Shallow cover “targets” come more into play as bass are shallower and in ambush mode. The squarebill crankbait is a prime choice in this application. It has a bite-inducing “hunting” action. It will come through a set of bedsprings without hanging up. And, it catches all sizes of fish, both big and small alike.

KVD 1.0 The 1.0 is the limit getter. Not to say that it won’t catch a giant, because it will, but it is the perfect bait when you need 5 keepers and your local bass population is keyed in on small bait.

KVD 1.5The 1.5 is the gold standard. It is the go-to bait of tournament anglers everywhere due to its perfect size, profile, diving depth and tendency to get bit.

KVD 1.5The 1.5 shallow is a unique variation of the KVD 1.5. It has the same proven size and profile as the 1.5, but the square lip on the 1.5 shallow is at a much steeper angle. That keeps the bait from running as deep. This bait is INCREDIBLE for super-skinny water as well as bass that are chasing just under the surface.

KVD 2.5The 2.5 is the bigger brother, but not too far removed from the 1.5. It casts a little farther. It runs a little deeper. And it hunts a little wider. It is the favorite of many bass anglers on waters that have better-than-average quality bass.

KVD 8.0The 8.0 is the big daddy. It isn’t really a shallow bait. It is a bigger, deeper option for squarebill enthusiasts. It is more erratic and consistently draws bites from bigger bass.

Match your color offerings to the forage that you’re imitating and the water color. Shad patterns are notoriously good in the fall, but don’t overlook chartreuse colors when fall winds have churned up your favorite points, bars and flats.

Take your Squarebills and throw them EXACTLY where you have been throwing your topwater. If the baitfish are there, the bass probably still are too. If they won’t come up on your topwater, then go down and get em’!

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