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Castledine Captures AOY Crown

Submitted by Full Limit Outdoor Media

If you are a fan of the sport of bass fishing, chances are, you can name most of the consistent anglers on either tour. These guys have eclipsed the “local” fishing scene and have made their way into the headlines on the big stage. But what if I told you that there is a guy out there who has won more tournaments, and in some cases dollars, than most of the pros that you’re familiar with? What if I told you that in doing so he has transcended his home waters and proven himself across the country. What if I told you that this angler has excelled on clear lakes and stained lakes. He has caught them consistently deep and shallow. He has won in the winter and in the summer. Wouldn’t it sound like he is ready to take the next step? If you think so, we at Strike King agree, and we’re betting on him. This angler is known as Todd Castledine.


Todd has been racking up trophies, plaques, checks and wins for years in and around his home state of Texas. The resident of Nacogdoches is well-known by his competitors as he’s won events and championships in every level that he’s competed in. He has spent the past 11 years fishing full-time and doing so with a high level of success. Unlike most “Tour level” anglers, Todd has primarily fished in events that don’t pay as much individually as a top tier event, and he makes up for that lack of top prize money by fishing more tournaments. Somewhere to the tune of 45 a year.

Todd’s family and faith are at the center of his career, and are driving forces of his success. And success isn’t the exception. Todd recently won the Costa Angler of the Year award in the Southwest Division of the Costa FLW Series. A pretty impressive accomplishment. And, one that he has claimed 3 times now which makes him one of only two to ever have this achievement.

His 2017 Southwest Costa season began with a win on Sam Rayburn (see ). He followed that up with a 10th place finish at Grand Lake and a 20th at Texoma. Those three events combined for the Angler of the Year title. He is also currently in 39th place in the AOY standings in the Central division with one tournament remaining at Lake of the Ozarks. After that, he will set his sights on the Costa FLW Series Championship on Kentucky Lake in the first of November.

In winning his third AOY title in the Southwest division, he narrowly beat out 2nd place finisher Russell Cecil, who just happens to be his team tournament partner, longtime friend and roomie. The two are feared competitors in team events and statistically, they should be just as feared fishing independently as well.

Todd is taking the next step up the ladder in the fishing ranks in 2018 as he will compete as a touring pro on the FLW Tour. He will be sharing that move and many hotel rooms with Cecil, as both are making the move at the same time.

We congratulate Todd on his success and his recent title. He works closely with us in the capacity of a lure designer and we intend to work closely with him to provide him the tools he needs to be continually successful at the next level.

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