January Zone 3

Zone 3 – January

Strike King pro Mark Menendez expects water temperatures to be in the 38- to 45-degree range in Zone 3 during January.


Strike King KVD 1.5
Strike King KVD J300 Deep


BAIT 1: Strike King KVD J300 Deep

If the water is clear, Menendez prefers the Summer Sexy Shad. In stained water, he switches to the Oyster. For muddy water, Menendez will favor a Clown.

Diving up to 11-feet, the KVD J300 Deep has increased castability, 3D eyes, and premium black nickel hooks for lethal action.


Strike King Swinging Sugar Buzz
Strike King Series 3 Crankbait


BAIT 2: Strike King Pro Model Series 3 Crankbait

Menendez’s choice for clear water is the Chartreuse Sexy Shad, while he opts for Sexy Shad if the water is stained. In muddy water, Menendez reaches for a Chili Craw.

A small-bodied deep diver, the Series 3 is designed to enhance castability, thus reaching maximum depths.

Strike King Tour Grade Spinnerbait
Strike King Series 4 Crankbait


BAIT 3: Strike King Series 4 Crankbait


He opts for the Green Tomato in clear water, and switches to a Powder Blue Back Chartreuse if the water is stained.

A medium-sized body with a wider wobble and an oversized bill to deflect off cover. The Series 4 is great for medium depth, heavy cover applications and dirty water.

Strike King 3/8 Thunder Cricket Vibrating Jig
Strike King Premier Plus Spinnerbait


BAIT 4: Strike King ½ oz Premier Plus Spinnerbait with Rage Grub trailer


If the water is clear, he will throw a Super White, while more stained water calls for a Chartreuse/White. When fishing in muddy water, he switches to a Bluegill. 

Featuring the Perfect Skirt® that provides an even blooming effect, Strike King’s Premier Plus creates more action in the water than spinnerbaits with traditional skirts. 

Sexy Dawg Hard Knock
Strike King Hack Attack Flipping Jig


BAIT 5: Strike King 3/8 oz Hack Attack Flipping Jig with Rodent trailer

No matter the conditions, Menendez opts for the Black Blue in Zone 3 during this time of the year. He utilizes the Black Blue in clear, stained, and muddy water. He likes to use this flipping jig with a Rodent trailer. 

Designed to be fishing in and around the heaviest cover with high pound line on heavy rods, the Hack Attack Flipping Jig has a heavy weed guard to easily slip through vegetation.

KVD J300 Deep Sinking Jerkbait
Strike King KVD J300 Deep Sinking Jerkbait

BAIT 6: Strike King KVD J300 Deep Sinking Jerkbait

Menendez picks up Sexy Shad when fishing in clear conditions and utilizes Pro Bone in stained water. His favorite for muddy water is Strobe Shad. 

The new KVD J300 Deep Sinking Jerkbait allows you to fish a jerkbait in depths that no other jerkbait can get to. The jerkbait is weighted perfectly to sink nearly 0.5-feet per second and maintains the amazing erratic action of the standard KVD 300 Deep Jerkbait.

Gravel Dawg 8
Strike King Gravel Dawg 8

BAIT 7: Strike King Gravel Dawg 8

Bone Craw is Menendez’s first choice in clear water and switches to the Fire Craw in stained water. He picks up a Table Rock Craw in muddy conditions. 

Strike King pros Todd Castledine and Kevin VanDam worked diligently to design the Gravel Dawg 8 to create the ideal, “go to” medium-diving crankbait for anglers across the country.

Gravel Dawg 8
Strike King Gravel Dawg 10

BAIT 8: Strike King Gravel Dawg 10

Much like the Gravel Dawg 8, Menendez chooses the Bone Craw in clear water, the Fire Craw in stained water, and the Table Rock Craw in muddy conditions. 

Delivering a wide wobble action in a bite-sized, 1.5 profile, Strike King's Gravel Dawg 10 grinds through rock, wood, and grass better than any medium-diving crankbait in its class.