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Kevin VanDam Explains How He Fishes a KVD Sexy Frog

KVD has some specific ways he likes to fish the KVD Sexy Frog topwater lure. He explains his techniques!

Kevin VanDam hit the water one evening to work the Sexy Frog through tall grass. “I love how soft yet heavy the body on the Sexy Frog is because it displaces so much water” says VanDam.

After he casts the lure into the tall grass, he reels it in with enough momentum to spray water and ignite the hunger in the bass. But his technique goes far past quick reeling.

“As I come to the edge of the grass, I slow it down and the frog moves along side to side and that’s what you want. When you walk it back and forth up to the edge of tall grass you can watch the fish come up and nail it,” VanDam excitedly demonstrates.

Thicker vegetation or “cheese mats” are not the only places he exploits the abilities of the Sexy Frog. Another is target fishing around docks or coverage.

“When you have a target, like a dock, put the Sexy Frog on a skipping reel and throw it way back under the coverage. The hollow soft body lets you skip right under to show the fish something they’ve never seen before.”

VanDam explains that part of the reason he enjoys throwing a Strike King Sexy Frog is because fish often follow it out of thick coverage into the open water only to be stuck by the double hooks hanging off the back. 

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