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March 2022

When to Throw a Swim Jig vs Flippin Jig

When fishing laydowns and shallow cover, Greg Hackney likes to throw a flipping jig or a swim jig depending on the water temperature.



When Greg Hackney is fishing shallow cover, he lets the water temperature dictate what type of jig to throw. He will choose between a Strike King Hack Attack Heavy Cover Swimming Jig or a Hack Attack Heavy Cover Flipping Jig. In warmer water, he will pick up the swim jig because covering water and being efficient is key. “The swim jig is extremely versatile. I can make it look like a crawfish on the bottom, a swimming bluegill or a shad depending on the color I choose. Whatever the fish are feeding on, there is a swim jig to match it.” Hackney explains.

However, when the water is colder, a Hack Attack Flipping Jig is his go-to since the fish will be holding tighter to cover. This tactic is especially important when a cold front comes along and picking apart cover that the fish are in is important since they tend to be more sluggish. That’s why when picking cover apart, the flipping jig is hard to beat.

Keep in mind that if there are a few warm days during a cold period, the fish tend to suspend a little higher up because the top water layer will begin to heat up. This is when the Strike King Hack Attack Swim Jig can really shine. “If I were to throw the flipping jig in this scenario, I have one shot at the fish and many times, the fish may not even see it. However, with the swim jig, keeping the bait in the top water column is key and will allow that bait to stay in the strike zone much longer which gives me a much better chance of catching them,” Hackney explains.

For Hackney, a swim and flipping jig is something he always keeps tied on in his boat, no matter the season; and it only takes a few casts to determine which method will work better. Next time you are fishing cover, make sure to ask yourself what mood are the fish in? Keeping this in mind, along with paying attention to the water temperature, will help make you day on the water more successful.

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