January 2022

Squarebill vs. Spinnerbait

Kevin VanDam likes to toss squarebills and spinnerbaits to get that big bite as pre-spawn bass are moving shallow to spawning flats and cover. See which bait KVD recommends based on the conditions, cover and visibility.

 The pre-spawn is one of those times of the year that Kevin VanDam looks forward to. The bass move shallow and use migration routes to get to spawning flats, stopping along the way, and staging around cover.  
When the fish are shallow, a KVD Squarebill and a spinnerbait are two baits that KVD always must have tied on. Assess the water clarity and the type of cover to choose the bait that is the most efficient for the situation. 
A Squarebill 1.5 or 1.5 Deep is great around rocks and channel swings. These baits are KVD’s go-to baits in crawfish patterns during the pre-spawn. The Delta Red, Fire Craw, and Brown Craw are colors that are strong during the pre-spawn.