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March 2022

Wacky Rig vs. Texas Rig Bait Comparison with the Lew's Hypermag Reel

Jeff Sprague shows off the new Lew’s HyperMag Speed Spinning Reel and how he uses it for finesse wacky rigs and Texas rigs.


Springtime is right around the corner and Lew’s Pro Jeff Sprague explains how to choose between a wacky rig, and a light Texas rig while showing off the new Lew’s HyperMag Spinning Reel. Jeff notes that these are two extremely popular methods and anglers often get confused when to use one over the other.

The wacky rig is a go-to bait for tournament anglers or when fun fishing in the spring. It’s a great way to catch a ton of fish. In the early spring, fish are pushing up and will become territorial. A bait that will soak can be much more productive than a fast-moving bait. He uses a Strike King Finesse Worm on a u-shaped hook with Strike King 10# Tournament Grade Fluorocarbon for this set-up. “You can fish it with no weight or you can put a small nail weight in it as well,” explains Jeff. When using a nail weight, he will push the weight in the end of the worm which allows it to fall a little faster. It all depends on the water temperature and clarity when deciding to add a nail weight on or not.

A light Texas rig can be a deadly combination in early springtime as well. A Strike King Finesse Worm on a size 3 hook with a 1/8 to 3/16oz weight is Jeff’s preferred set-up. “This rig is not intrusive as well, and I can skip it under docks,” Jeff explains. When fishing brush or heavy vegetation, he will choose this over the wacky rig. It’s still a subtle presentation, but big fish will bite it.


For both techniques, Jeff uses the Lew’s HyperMag Spinning Reel paired with a medium-heavy rod. “This is a tremendous reel that’s extremely dialed in on every feature. It has a great drag system, and I can winch them out from under docks” explains Jeff. This reel is available in different sizes depending on your preference.

“Just remember, the fish will tell you what they want when considering a wacky and Texas rig” Jeff says. When fishing brush and grass, use the Texas rig. If the fish are spawning and cruising in and out of open water, use the wacky rig.

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