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January 2020

Bass Fishing 101: Tips for Fishing a New Area

Shaw Grigsby likes to fish in all different spots. When he gets to an unfamiliar place, he relies on a few methods to start catching fish.

Start Early but Fast

When I go to a lake that I’m not familiar with, I start first thing in the morning when the sun is coming up, maybe through clouds or some fog. It’s best to start in lowlight conditions. The first bait I’d throw would be a quicker bait, like a KVD Sexy Dawg or a Hard Knock. I suggest something that makes some noise and can call them but moves quickly so you can cover ground.

Throw a Bladed Jig

If you throw that first bait for 15 or 20 minutes and don’t get a bite, then I’d switch up to something that’s still fast, since I like going fast first thing in the morning. I’d pick up the bladed jig—the Strike King Thunder Cricket is the best in the world—and match it up with a Blade Minnow. That’s the best bait out there. Cover some ground with that set-up: throw it all around the cover and work it nice and slowly and tick it into things underwater to get some action.

Throw a Hack Attack, the Swiss Army Knife of Baits

If you go another 15 or 20 minutes without a bite, that means it’s time to slow down. I’d switch up to a jig, like the Hack Attack Heavy Cover Swim Jig. It’s simple and it’s easy. You can pitch it, flip it, sink it, reel it, whatever you need to do. It works great reeling through the cover, so you can keep a steady retrieve and shake your rod or twitch it to catch the fish. You can also drop it to the bottom and drag it.