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How to Fish a Wobble Head

Mark Davis shares how he rigs a wobble head, and the techniques he uses when fishing one.

I like to fish with the Strike King Tungsten Swing Head. The good thing about it is you can put any hook on it that you desire, since it comes without a hook. It’s very easy to put a hook on there. I put a 3/0 offset EWG-style hook on it, and I rig it with a Rage Menace. I tie a Palomar knot with 20lb test fluorocarbon line.

I also use a Rage Bug or small swimbaits, like the Rage Swimmer, on this setup. Don’t be afraid to fish different lures on the swing head. I usually gravitate towards the Menace, but the Rage Bug would be my second choice.

Depending on how deep you’re fishing, you would choose a different size wobble head. If you’re fishing shallower water, say 5 to 10 feet, you could go 3/8 or a ½ ounce.