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May 2022

Jeff Sprague Discusses When He Uses A Game Hawg VS. An Ocho

Game Hawg or Ocho? Jeff Sprague tells us when he uses these tacklebox staples. Subtle changes make a BIG difference!




The springtime is a great time of year to have a Texas rig tied on. If you’re bed fishing or just flipping around shallow cover it should get some bites. However, there is always the dilemma of what soft plastic to have rigged up. Jeff Sprague makes his options for the spring pretty simple. He is either going to be using the KVD Perfect Plastics Game Hawg or Ocho.


He will use the Game Hawg when the water is colder than 50 and the fish are prespawn. “It moves water, it falls slower, and that gives you a little bit more of an opportunity to fish it slow,” explains Jeff. This is when the fish are starting to move up before spawn, but the water is still relatively cold. The bigger bait can be fished slower, which is better for those cold-water fish, and still have enough action to catch the fish’s eye. Sprague states that “I will throw that up around wood. I’ll throw that around pad stems or docks. I’ll flip it.” He can target many spots with this bait because when the water is cold, and fish are shallow they are going to try and stay close to cover for warmth. They will be on any type of cover which is why he can put that bait into so many different spots and get bites.

Jeff will switch to the Ocho when the water starts to warm up. The fish will pull up even shallower to prepare for the spawn and everyone will begin to catch them. The Ocho is “so sleek, so slimline, and it’s so natural and subtle that a lot of times these fish won’t flee from it,” says Sprague. The fish that are easily spooked like spawners, or fish that have been caught will be afraid of bulkier baits. However, they don’t shy away from a lighter, more natural bait like the Ocho. Jeff states that “I’ll lighten up my weight and you’ll see a really natural flip; a really soft presentation into the water.” This makes the Ocho even better when fish are skittish. It is more natural in the water, but with a lighter weight it also softer entering the water. It won’t spook fish like a big heavier bait.

Always have a Texas rig on during the springtime but pay attention to what the fish are doing and how they are acting. If you know when to change to a more natural bait, then you may be able to catch fish when others are having a hard time.

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