June 2022

Josh Stracner's Top Baits And Locations For The Post-Spawn

After the fish have finished spawning, they move out of the shallow pockets to the deeper water as they transition to the post spawn phase. Learn how Josh Stracner targets the post spawn bite. #NEXTLEVEL



For some people, the post-spawn can be a struggle. It gets hot, and the fish may become tough to catch, but if you know where to find them and what they will eat, then success will come. Josh Stracner shared his post-spawn tips with us so that we could catch more fish.


It’s good to have a line-up of baits ready for post-spawners so that every area is covered, and the fish don’t become too familiar with one lure. Stracner’s first choice is a Strike King 5XD. “You can just be really efficient with a 5XD,” explains Stracner. He likes this bait in the Citrus Shad color. He makes casts with the crankbait into 8-12 foot of water. “Look for these places just outside the creek mass on the main lake,” states Josh. The fish would likely be in these areas at the beginning of the post-spawn because it would be their first stopping points when leaving the shallows.

The next bait that Stracner will have tied on is a Strike King Rage Swimmer. He says that “I can pick up the Rage Swimmer and really pick up fish that don’t want that high pitched or loud rattle bait.” The swimbait is just more natural, and it gets bites from fish that may be skittish. Josh picks the 4.75-inch version because it’s a little more versatile. “It’s just a good all-around size,” he explains. This bait can be thrown anywhere that the other baits are. It can be fished around brush piles, humps, drop offs, all types of offshore cover.

The final bait that Stracner uses to put post-spawners in the boat is the Strike King Structure Jig. “The way the head is designed, and the hook and the weed guard and everything, it really comes through brush well,” states Josh. He will fish brush piles all over the lake with this jig because it has so many abilities. “You don’t get hung up a whole lot, so you can be really efficient fishing them,” says Stracner. The bait can be pulled over every limb and piece of cover so that the chance of catching a fish is greater.

Catching bass during the post-spawn can be a great experience. When it gets hot and fishing is tough, don’t give up. Pick up these three baits, find some offshore cover, and catch some bass. With these tips, you are already at an advantage.

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