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November 2021

Kevin VanDam’s Top Five Fall Baits

Looking to get out on the water this fall? KVD has five baits he won't leave home without in the cool weather. Make sure to pack these baits that will provide a ton of action and match the forage in your lake.



Fall is a great time of the year to fish in Michigan. The fish are feeding up towards winter and are really focused on bait. I have five baits that I won't leave home without having tied on in the fall.

KVD Squarebill 1.5

First and foremost, a KVD Squarebill 1.5. This is my go-to shallow crankbait. We make different colors to match the various types of forage, such as perch, bluegill, shad or whatever bait is in the ecosystem. This is a great bait to fish shallow cover in the back of a creek or to crank over grass on a main lake flat. This is a go-to bait for me in the four-to-seven-foot range.

Anywhere I go in the country this square bill is just a great fish catcher.

Thunder Cricket Paired with a Blade Minnow

Another bait that is a great fish catcher is the Thunder Cricket vibrating jig. I usually put a Blade Minnow on it as a trailer. It is a tremendous big bass catcher. I use it in clear water and it's a great smallmouth bass bait. This is another tool that is very different than a square bill and gives off a lot of vibration. The bass are really drawn to it.