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November 2022

KVD The Wind Is Your Friend

Fishing in the wind can be a challenge for many anglers, but for some, it's the best conditions to catch fish. The wind can activate fish, creating windows of opportunity for anglers to capitalize on.

When the wind is blowing hard, it creates current and positions the fish in ways that make it easier for anglers to catch them. KVD prefers to use a Tour Grade Spinnerbait in such conditions. The Gold Shiner color and clear water provide the perfect presentation for the bait. The cover of the water, such as grass, wood, rocks and water clarity, will determine the presentation that should be used.

KVD utilizes technology to forecast the wind and plan for his fishing trips. One of his favorite apps is Windfinder, which provides accurate information on the wind direction, speed and how it will change during the day. This helps with planning and looking for openings on windy days.

The wind can create current, which is why it's almost always a good idea to be fishing where the wind is blowing. It cuts down light penetration, pushes plankton and creates target areas for anglers to set up and catch fish. KVD points out that the wind is not only helpful for fishing but also for creating opportunities that can be really impressive at times.

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