May 2022

Shaw Grigsby’s Top 3 Baits For Submergent Grass Fishing

Fishing submergent grass can be very challenging. Shaw Grigsby breaks down how to fish this type of cover with his top 3 baits.



Submergent Grass can hold a lot of fish, especially in the springtime. Bass will usually get in grass like this when they are pre-spawn and are getting ready to pull up to the bank. There are many ways to attack flooded vegetation whether it’s a grass line or isolated clumps. Shaw Grigsby has three main techniques that he uses when the fish are tucked into underwater vegetation.


The first bait that Shaw will pick up is a Strike King Thunder Cricket. “This is an incredible bait. You can get it down to the grass. You can tick the tops of the grass,” explains Grigsby. The bait is so versatile around the vegetation because it can be fished above it and through it. The vibration of the blade allows fish to sense it coming. The bait is also nice and compact so “if you get hung in it take a second and shake it a little bit,” says Shaw. When the bait gets popped out of the vegetation it causes a reaction strike a lot of times.

When fish won’t eat a moving bait like the Thunder Cricket, Grigsby switches to the Strike King Hack Attack Heavy Cover Swim Jig. “It is probably my favorite jig of all time because it has a slow fall,” states Shaw. A lighter weight allows the jig to be crawled through the grass and get those bites. The design of the bait also makes it great to be fished through vegetation. Grigsby says that “that head is designed to slide through the grass.” The jig mimics baitfish like shad or bluegill, and can get into the areas where the fish are hiding.

Grigsby’s final lure for underwater grass is the Strike King Red Eyed Shad. This is probably the easiest bait to get through grass. “The reason being is that you can get it down in the grass, and tick it nice and slow,” explains Shaw. The bait is so slim and has such a tight action that it can be fished in the grass easily. This bait can be fished like a crankbait with just a cast and reel retrieve, but around the grass a yo-yo retrieve is more beneficial. The bait ripping through the grass just triggers the bass.