May 2022

Thunder Cricket Trailer Selection With Jeff Sprague

Take your Thunder Cricket game to the #NEXTLEVEL with Jeff Sprague's top trailer recommendations.




There is no arguing that a bladed jig catches fish, especially the Strike King Thunder Cricket. Straight out of the package, it becomes a great tool to have in the arsenal. However, adding a trailer makes the bait much more versatile. Different trailers can give the bait different actions, which can be used in certain situations. Jeff Sprague decided to share his favorite trailers and add some context on why he uses them.

Sprague’s first pick when it comes to Thunder Cricket trailers is the Strike King Rage Swimmer. “It mimics a bream. You can change the color and make it look like a shad. You can do so many different things with it,” explains Jeff. The Rage Swimmer can look like different types of bait which makes it more versatile. It also makes the bait swim differently than different trailers would. “It allows that bait to travel a little bit lower in the water column,” says Sprague. This comes into play when fishing around docks or submerged grass. The bait can go lower in the water to stay around the cover with the Rage Swimmer.

When Sprague wants his Thunder Cricket to act a little different, he will thread on a Strike King Rage Bug. He states that “it allows my Thunder Cricket to ride higher in the water column.” This comes in handy when fishing around thick grass or rocks. The bait could get hung up easy, so the Rage Bug helps keep it from getting low enough in the water to cause that problem. The Rage Bug also helps the Thunder Cricket to run true. “If I am fishing around wood docks or anything like that, it doesn’t allow that bait to roll on it’s side and let that hook jam right into a pole or into a stump,” explains Jeff. The flat surface of the Rage Bug keeps the bait upright and prevents it from kicking to the side to get hung up.

There are all types of trailers to use on a Thunder Cricket. Jeff’s picks are great choices. However, always look for something that may be different than what others are using. You may find a trailer that looks different or causes a new action. Being different is what bass fishing is all about.

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