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Top 3 Lures for Windy Conditions

Todd Faircloth has fished in all kinds of conditions, and there are three Strike King lures he’s come to trust when it’s windy.

We caught up with Todd Faircloth in Florida where he shared the baits he trusts the most in windy conditions with heavy cover.

Strike King Thunder Cricket

You can cover a lot of water with the Strike King Thunder Cricket, and you can maintain contact with it. I like to pair it with the Strike King Rage Menace Grub as a trailer when it’s windy out. 

Strike King Burner Spinnerbait

Everyone always knows that a spinnerbait will perform well in the wind. I like the 3/8oz Burner Spinnerbait, with a Colorado and a Willow leaf blade on in. A spinnerbait is always your friend in the wind, especially in those higher weights. 

Strike King Tour Grade Tungsten Bullet Weight

One bait some people might not consider to be a good windy bait is the bullet weight. In Florida where you’re punching mats, this bait will compact the mats and make them a bit tougher. I like to turn to a punching rig with a 1.5oz Tour Grade Tungsten Bullet Weight, paired with a Rage Punch Bug. A big heavy weight will get the job done.


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