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October 2021

Top Five Fall Baits for Fishing in the South

Targeting fall bass in the south is all about finding and imitating shad. Mark Davis explains when to use these five essential baits based on various weather conditions.


Without a doubt, fall is my favorite time of the year to fish where I live, in Arkansas.

It's all about shad. The bass are wanting to feed on shad, so you will have to think in terms of where the shad are and how deep the shad are. The shad typically start heading toward the back of the creeks in a lot of our lakes, especially in the fall.

I like that the lakes get drawn down because when the water comes down, it condenses everything. The cover, channels, and ditches become shallower and all the structure in the lake really become important.

So, in terms of lures, think about this: You're king on shad but you always want to consider what kind of day you've got based on the conditions.


KVD Perfect Plastic Drop Shot Half Shell

If it's a bright and sunny day with no wind, I may be fishing with a drop shot on a light finesse type of Lew’s rod and reel setup. Ideally, a little  Dream Shot or anything that looks like a shad.


KVD 2.5 Square bill

I love to crank because it is always so important to cover water around shad. A KVD 2.5 Square Bill and a Red Eyed Shad in the half ounce size are great.


Red Eyed Shad