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December 2022

Tour Grade Tungsten Casting Jig

Jig fishing is one of the most popular techniques among anglers and Strike King has once again stepped up to the plate with their new Tour Grade Tungsten Casting jig. This new addition to their already impressive lineup of jigs is sure to be a game changer for any angler looking for a small profile jig.

The Strike King Tour Grade Tungsten Casting jig comes in three different sizes: 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 ounce. The use of tungsten makes the jig incredibly compact and allows for it to be extremely effective in a variety of fishing conditions. Whether you're fishing in grass, rock, or wood, the unique design of the jig ensures that it will easily pass through any obstacles and get to the fish.

One of the standout features of the Tour Grade Tungsten Casting jig is the hand-tied skirts. These skirts give the jig a more natural look in the water, making it even more attractive to fish. Additionally, the line tie is located very close to the head of the jig, which improves the jig's ability to move through cover.

The Strike King Tour Grade Tungsten Casting jig is an absolute must-have for any angler who loves jig fishing. Whether you're targeting largemouth, smallmouth, or spotted bass, this jig has proven to be extremely effective. It's truly a top-of-the-line jig that is sure to help you catch more fish.


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