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What Denny Brauer Keeps in His Jig Box

A lot of people would love to look inside my jig box. They know it’s what I love to do, and the jig’s been very good to me in the history of my career. Well, today is their lucky day!


Half of my box is 3/8 oz, and the other half is 1/2 oz. Those are the two weights I fish most of the time. 

Colors I Use

Color-wise, I use the darker colors like black and blue in stained water. The Texas craw and the baits with some chartreuse in them are for muddy water. All the natural colors—watermelons, browns, peanut butter and jelly—are for clear waters. 

I use white in the fall and swim them in shallow water, through tree-tops, and underneath boat docks. 

I also get asked a lot about the right jig colors if you don’t want to waste a lot of money on jigs. (I like to waste money on jigs because they catch big fish.) There are three colors I’d recommend that are good basics to keep in your tackle box:

  1. Black and blue. It works in a lot of different water clarities. I like it best in stained water.
  2. Texas crawfish. It’s a great color for muddy water.
  3. Number three choice would be any type of a brown like a craw, for clearer water.

Those three colors of jigs will get you through all different water color scenarios


One thing you should always do is whatever your jig trailer is, match it up with the jig color. If you get a black and blue jig, use a black or black and blue trailer. 

I carry two different types of trailers. In warm water, I like the Rage Chunk because it has a lot of action. 

In cold water, I like the regular Denny Brauer Chunk. It does not have a lot of action, but the pinchers stand up when it hits the bottom. You don’t want a lot of action in cold water. 

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